“If there’s a perfect road out there we’ll find it.” 

Unique to VDG and introduced to Canadian journalists in 2009, this hands-off system integrates sophisticated mapping software with our programmed drive route, which is then uploaded to a VDG windshield-mounted GPS navigation unit. Once enabled, ADRIAN will automatically guide participants through the drive route without any required interaction or need for paper route books or maps.


ADRIAN has proven itself in more than 10 years of drive events — from Newfoundland to California. The feedback has been impressive.


"I was able to evaluate the car from the passenger’s seat as well."


"That was easy to follow and we didn't have to worry about the odometer."


The benefits of ADRIAN:

  • Allows participants to focus 100% on evaluating the vehicle and not waste valuable time keeping track of route instructions.

  • Reduces the chances of getting lost or potentially missing a key segment.

  • Eliminates frustration caused by confusing road signage or sudden detours.

  • Allows both the driver and passenger to focus on the vehicle's unique features.

  • Enables voice-over information to be added at selected points along the route.