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Why do event participants continue to ask how we find the roads that we use? It’s because of our in-depth experience with designing drive routes. Working with detailed maps in combination with advanced GPS mapping technologies allows VDG to create drive experiences that both surprise and delight participants.

Our specialties are:

  • Long and short lead press drive events.

  • Sales and technical staff 'Drive & Learn' training.

  • National dealer convention driving and demonstration activities.

  • Consumer 'Ride & Drives'.

  • Demonstration of driver assist technology – passive, active, reactive.

  • Driving adventures – on road, off road, no road.

  • Track driving – lead and follow, thrill rides, track analysis.

  • Advanced driving instruction – safety briefings, classroom and theory, personal coaching.

VDG has earned a reputation as ‘the leader’ in drive route development. Whether using a snow-filled quarry, a private forestry road, some twisty two-lane black-top, or a world class racetrack, VDG will develop an experiential event that speaks to your marketing objectives. 


We take great pride in developing the best drive routes for your guests and your products. 


“If there’s a perfect road out there,
we’ll find it.”