VDG takes a creative whole-event approach to each and every project we build. Whether a multi-city program, international media function, product training, dealer convention, or drive activity, we determine the capabilities and demonstratable features of the product and develop the experience around them.

We have planned, managed, and executed hundreds of outstanding events throughout North America, earning the highest level of professional respect within the industry.

VDG has produced drive events for groups - large and small - where we research and utilize our knowledge of each unique event location to best provide accommodations, meals, entertainment, and learning opportunities for relaxing and enjoyable “downtime” experiences.

We are proud to say a consistent comment from clients is how memorable our events are for everyone involved – on and off the road.

Specialities Include:

Long and short-lead new vehicle launches 

Sales and technical staff product training

National Dealer Convention activities

Demonstration of Driver Assist Technology 

On-track – professional drivers closed course

Translation and adaptation

Photography and videography services

Media liaison

Social media planning and digital space support 

Travel, Entertainment, and Hospitality