Jud Buchanan

Jud established Vehicle Dynamics Group in 2000, combining his motorsports experience and insight gained from a career in automotive marketing, including 12 years as the National Director of Marketing Communications for Yokohama Tire Canada. Under his direction, Yokohama achieved many marketing and communication accolades, including a Gold Bessie and a Mobius Award for advertising. 

Jud has been a motorsports organizer and contributor at both the amateur and professional levels, as well as a hot-rodder and a fierce competitor receiving numerous awards in every amateur motorsport discipline. Jud has eight years’ experience as Lead Instructor with the Porsche Canada Advanced Driving School, and four years as Lead Instructor with the Audi Canada Precision Driving Program, which lends a unique perspective to every VDG program. This experience, partnered with a serious passion for all things automotive, led to what Vehicle Dynamics Group is today – a top-tier Canadian experiential event management company. 

Dwayne Joyce 
Project Manager 

Dwayne comes to Vehicle Dynamics Group with the belief that life was meant for good friends, great adventures, and an exploration of the unknown. His time working with international corporations and start-ups has given him a wealth of experience that he shares with our clients and team members alike.

A love of the open road, a passion for adventure, and exceptional experiences drive Dwayne to design unique adventures that exceed all expectations. Whether it’s in search of the perfect ribbon of asphalt or a grinding off-road trail, Dwayne loves to explore and push the boundaries in all he does, and he believes that the primary focus in life should not be on the destination, but also the joy of the journey.

David Miller
Project Specialist

David has combined a passion for the auto industry, creative writing, business development, and event planning into a career. Over ten years, it has brought about many highlights including the launch of a brand new automotive lifestyle Canadian magazine, being an award-winning journalist, representing various reputable national newspapers and websites, as well as directing and developing the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada's (AJAC) EcoRun event since 2014.

David has an uncanny ability to not only find the ideal roads to showcase the vehicles, but bring about an entertaining, enjoyable, and hospitable experience for all participants involved.

Robin Lynn Buchanan
Administrative Support Manager 

Robin Lynn has fond childhood memories of being a spectator at stock car and drag races watching her father. This early exposure, combined with growing up in a decidedly autophile family, forged a future adult appreciation for driving “fun” cars with standard transmissions.

Robin Lynn encompasses the heart and spirit of Vehicle Dynamics Group, and her years of experience as a facilitative educator have given her unrelenting patience and attention to detail that must be experienced first-hand to be appreciated. Her commitment to making sure things are done right the first-time around means the planning and managing of events, particularly in the areas of logistics, travel, accommodation and hospitality, always exceeds client expectations. 

Meaghan Terry
Administrative Assistant 

Meaghan’s deep appreciation for cars started before she could even buckle her own seatbelt.  Growing up in a home with a mechanic and repair shop owner gave her a strong automotive knowledge and an even stronger respect for the automotive industry. 

She is a master communicator, highly-organized, and her unfailingly positive demeanour means that VDG – and their clients – always have someone cheering in their corner. 

Joe Camilleri
Creative Services Co-ordinator

A life-long amateur racer, Joe is a lead event facilitator, subject matter expert, and performance driving instructor with Vehicle Dynamics Group. 

Combining his automotive insights with a career as an advertising creative, Joe designs and directs the production of program support materials. He also coordinates photography and videography for traditional media and digital space. 

Ross Ayrhart
Project Specialist

A facilitator with VDG from the onset, Ross is one of the lucky few who’ve been able to combine a lifelong passion with a career. He’s been behind the wheel on both sides of the track – literally – having held both senior sales and marketing positions with well-known automotive brands like Castrol and Permatex, and participating in an active and accomplished racing career in off road events and rallies. 

Ross knows cars, and he knows people – which is why he’s been a cornerstone of VDG’s success over the last two decades. 

Len Welin
Dynamics Co-ordinator

Len brings project management experience and automotive enthusiasm to Vehicle Dynamics Group. As a longtime competitor and organizer, he has won numerous autocross championships. 

Combining this experience with five years as the Director of Professional Racing for ASN Canada, Len co-ordinates the planning and execution of dynamic drive activities.

Jeni Marinucci 
Social Media Co-ordinator 

Jeni won the “class congeniality” award in fifth grade and hasn’t stopped talking to people since. 

The advent of social media, completion of an English BA, and her subsequent entry into the work world forged the perfect storm in terms of timing, and created conditions under which she was able to build a career doing what she does best: talking to people. 

Event Facilitators

The Vehicle Dynamics Group event facilitators come from varied backgrounds, including management, engineering, marketing, journalism, education, as well as diverse motorsport disciplines. 

All team members are skilled professionals with in-depth experience in event production and are committed to the flawless execution of every detail. Several of our event facilitators are fully bilingual.